Different Types of Limousines

There are many types of limousines today and most companies that deal with limousine hires or selling have these companies in store. Limousines differ in prices when hiring and this depends on the cost of the limousine and the comfort of that limousine. There are different models, designs and styles that can suit the needs of customers. Models of limos range from the Escalade and stretch hummer to the regular Lincolns and to the upscale classics such as the Rolls Royce and Excalibur. When looking for a limousine to rent it is essential to know the type of limousine that you will use and the type of driver that the company will give you to take you across. Some of the models and types of limousines on the market today are:

Stretch limousine

The stretch limos are the same as the sedan limos except that they are longer. However the stretch limos are made of different sizes and this divides them into three types: six-pack limo, eight-pack limo and the ten-pack limo. This type of limousine is preferred for only the small gatherings.

Sedan limousine

This is another type of limousine that is made of high technology. They are of many types and they vary both in features and size. The sedan is known to be the smallest limousine and it is the cheapest to hire or rent. It can comfortably carry 2 or 3 individuals. It is preferred and mainly rented for travelling to the airport or from the airport. It is also used as a taxi cab.

Party bus

The party buses have become very popular nowadays and they are luxurious to hire as other limos because they are also comfortable and good to drive in. They are spacious because you can stand, stretch yourself in any way …

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